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VigRX Fertility Factor 5 Rating

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VigRX Fertility Factor 5 is designed for those men facing infertility issues and due to which facing problems in conveying a baby.

It is designed by the leading sex supplement brand that ensures the positive results on male’s sperm count, sperm quality, increase libido, semen development and increasing testosterone level.

The product shares all-natural ingredients compositions, and the ingredients have clinically proved results in helping males to fix various sex-related issues including infertility.


If you are trying to conceive a baby but the male fertility issue is preventing, you have landed on the right spot. In this guide, we are going to review one of the top products that improve semen quality and in males and fix various male sex issues. In this guide, we are going to review VigRX Fertility Factor 5, the product that has given guaranteed results for many years. This is designed by VigRX the leading name in the male sex supplement and knows how sex supplement works and how to form them make working.

There is more than one factor that is wreaking havoc to the male reproductive system. You are not alone to this, about 10-15% of the couples are infertile and find it hard to conceive a baby. Male infertility wreaks havoc on a relationship and kills a man’s self-confidence.

So, if you are going to the same stress, VigRX knows the kind of stress male infertility can put on you that is why they have come up with VigRX Fertility Factor 5.

So, let’s shed light on this medicine, and see its advantages and disadvantages.

vigrx fertility factor 5

What Is VigRX Fertility Factor 5?

VigRX Fertility Factor 5 is a male natural fertility supplement designed by one of the leading names in the male sex supplements. This supplement helps people with infertility to conceive a baby, improves their semen quality and volume without causing any side effects or harms. This is a bottle of 30 natural pills which are made of natural herbals, vitamins, minerals and other things to help improve semen quality and quantity.

With the consistent use of this medicine, you will show a significant improvement in all semen parameters. There are statistically significant improvements in sperm quality and continuity and most of the customers have their testimonies which elaborate how the medicine helped them convenience a baby while they were trying from years.

This is a bottle of 30 capsules; you will have to consume one capsule in one day for at least 30-days to see a significant improvement, not in your semen quality but libido, sex performance, testosterone level, and energy level. With this product used, you will achieve spontaneous pregnancy, and there are positive feedbacks that show this kind of results.

How VigRX Fertility Factor 5 Works?

It is a VigRX produced male fertility supplement. It is made of natural ingredients that accumulate in the male reproductive system and gives a new life to it. That accumulation further leads to an increase in sperm quality, sperm quantity, mortality, and an increase in sexual appetite, libido and an increase in testosterone levels.

The ingredients included in this male fertility supplement have shown a positive effect on sexual function and boost your sex performance and make it reach the next level.

While penning down this post, I actually tried to confirm whether this medicine render performance within one month or not? Actually, the official website claimed that promises, to deliver optimum results within 30-days. But, to actually confirm it, I had to behold from many online forums. Their people mentioned that medicine can take as much as three months to actually show its performance. That means, within 3-months of timeframe, you will have good news. Yes, you will conceive a baby, if you have been facing through the male fertility issue before.

Yes, that’s true, there is no guarantee. In most of the cases, where infertility was the issue, this product did very well. In other cases, were not only male but female infertility was the issue, this did not.

It is a high-quality medicine, made by the same company that produces VigRX. So, you can compare the level of performance of this impressive product. It is designed by the company which has no competition in natural male enhancement for two decades. They are experts in producing impressive products and have many accolades to their chest due to their superlative product productions.

My point for Fertility Factor 5 is that it is great to use for any sex-related issue for males. It is made of the natural ingredients that are useful for many sex-related issues, so you can use this if are facing erectile dysfunction or erection issue.

Fertility Factor 5 Ingredients:

The reason why this formula helps infertile males is its natural ingredients formulation. It shares a sperm-friendly formula, made of clinically studied ingredients that have proven results to help swimmers get nutrient-rich and healthy within no time. So, let’s have a look at the ingredients of this product and see how this makes this product stands out in the crowd.

Tongkat Ali LJ100

If you are living in Europe or out of Asia, you might not have heard the name, Tongkat Ali. This is an ancient Asian herb that has a long connection to the betterment of the male sexual system or you can say male fertility. This product has clinical studies, and its results on humans are marvelous. Even if you consume this herb orally, you will get the same level of positive results. This ingredient is the heart of Fertility Factor 5 medicine, and its mixing with others makes it better the sperm quality, health, and quantity.

Panax Ginseng

Another name that tends to pop up when you talk about Ancient Chinese medicine; Panax Ginseng, the product is known for all good reasons. It is known to improve overall sexual performance, sex health, sperm-development on a cellular level and increasing libido. The consistent use of this ingredient leads you to have an enhanced sex appetite and increase your chances of being fertile.


Sperm loves Zinc. Recent studies have shown that the use of Zinc with Selenium can lead to more fertility and fixing infertility issues in males. The zin deficiency, on the other hand, leads t infertility, less sex appetite, and other sex-related issues.


I am not sure about the results of consuming Selenium orally or with this product, but the deficiency of Selenium leads to infertility. About 40% of the total men that show infertility signs showcase the low level of selenium. It is not an accident; studies suggest that guys who consume the supplement with rich Selenium, witness boost infertility and sex performance. That’s why this product stands heads and shoulders above in giving you good news.


It is an extract of pepper that helps ingredients to combine and be more effective. This turbocharger is also available in the VigRX Plus, the leading and front-runner product of Leading Edge health. So, the inclusion of this ingredient makes it an already powerful formula or you can say even a better.

Other than the inclusion of the mentioned ingredients in the product, we should also talk about the ingredient dosage with this product. Many health supplements are dosed too low to be effective, and on the other hand, the excessive use can turn the table on the other way around, it can be a safety issue.

Another reason for buying marvelous products is, it strikes the right balance between the dosages of ingredients to render optimum results.

The product is designed by the team which produced VigRX, and their expertise was taken on board for the formation of this male supplement to make this product to deliver the good. So, it is a perfect match that is going to make you achieve pleasurable results within 3-months of timeframe.

Fertility Factor 5 Benefits:

This product has many good things to the table that other synthesized products do not have. This product is made by using natural ingredients, its production is from the expert team of VigRX, and there are dozens other that make it so popular in the already populated male supplement world.

These are some other benefits that this product has to offer.

  • It is an excellent formula
  • It shares all-natural ingredient formation
  • The product is made in the United States
  • It is made by the expert team of VigRX Plus
  • It is used to increase sperm quality
  • Enhances per quantity
  • Assists with better sexual health

If you have been using VigRX plus before you would know its popularity in the male enhancement supplement world, the product is standing heads and shoulders above the rest in a highly competitive world. And there would something be different in there, in the formula that makes it so popular.

Does VigRX Fertility Factor 5 Really Work?

You already know that or might expect with the description, the product is made from herbals and it is used to increase semen quality, motility, and sperm quantity.

The product is used to increase the overall sex drive and sex function.

I am not saying that this product gives results within days; it takes months like any other virility supplements. As per the user’s experience, the product takes 1-6 months on average.

You take one pill in a day and the nutrients gradually build up in your reproductive system and help it produces the best possible results or you can say help them functioning the right. Once your body accepts those nutrients the production of the sperms and other hormones almost doubles that help you conceive a baby.

Keep in mind, this is a male fertility supplement, it is created to help males to address the infertility issue, not female infertility. So, it would not have any impact on the female side, if your partner is facing the female infertility issue, you will have to use any other product after consulting with your family doctor.

Where To Buy VigRX Fertility Factor 5?

You should buy Fertility Factor 5 from the official supplier. The product is available on the official website; you would not be able to grab this product from a brick and mortar store or from a medical store around you.

The product does not have any counterfeits, you would not have a huge problem in analyzing whether the product is genuine or not. And if you buy it from the official supplier, all ambiguity vanishes off.

The reason we focusing on buying this from the official supplier is that you get a money-back guarantee. The brand backs its product, and if a buyer is not satisfied with the performance or does not achieve the proclaimed results, the brand respects their concerns and give a refund in the full.

We have given you the official website link, click on this link and just tap on the order button to get the product reached your doorstep.

Side Effects Of VigRX Fertility Factor 5:

I have been sourcing various forums to confirm whether this product possesses any side effects or not, and here is my point regarding the safety and side effects.

I see no one coming up with the harms or side effects of this product. I have not heard of side effects linked to the product either. Yes, I must say, there must be some side effects, but that is what we have to face with using any other medicine. The safest thing you should do is, to consult your family doctor before starting with this product. Because, if you are on medication right now, your doctor would let you know about any side effects due to consuming this medicine with others.

This product is created in the USA and who is behind the development of this medicine, none other than, who developed VigRX plus. It meets strict health and safety regulation and even provides you the documentation for when and where your order was made.

You do not get such documents or strict health and safety regulations with the products made in China. And more than often, those products come with undiagnosed ingredients that are ineffective or toxin to the human’s health.

Pros and Cons Of VigRX Fertility Factor 5:

This product has helped many women to get pregnant who previously was not conceding due to male infertility issues of their sex partners. This is pretty a good job, and their testimonies are available on the internet; you can read personally and get to know what they think about using this product.


The biggest positive point for anyone who knows the importance of VigRX Plus in the sex supplement world is that this product is designed by VigRX Company.

  • It contains all-natural ingredients
  • Expertly dosed
  • It is made in the USA and meets all safety and security standards and regulations
  • Excellent value
  • You can use it with other male enhancement supplements as well.


There are some disadvantages as well. The biggest would be that you expect the same level of performance as you do with the VigRX.

  • It costs arms and legs
  • You cannot buy it in stores
  • It takes at least 1-3 months for results.

Frequently Asked Question:

Who should use Fertility Factor 5?

FF5 is the product for couples who are facing difficulties in conceiving a baby due to the male fertility issue. Male infertility can include low sperm count, less sperm quantity, sperm shape, and poor motility.

The product shares all-natural ingredient composition and all the ingredients induced in this product are clinically proved fruitful to improve sperm count, shape, super quality, mortality, increasing libido and increasing sex appetite. You can check the official website to further affirms its clinical proves.

What is VigRX FF5?

Fertility Factor 5 is a male fertility enhancing product that is designed to get rid of male infertility and make male fix issues halting his ways towards conceiving a baby.

This product includes all-natural ingredients such as Zinc and Selenium which are clinically proved to increase semen quality and sperm health development. The other ingredients such as Panax Ginseng have traditionally been used to support male sexual health and even modern science does not decline its positive results on human health.

So, all the ingredients used in this product are revolutionary and help a male to increase the chances of getting fertile.

Is FF5 is clinically proved to fix infertility issues in males?

Yes, the product has shown results in helping male fertility. It has clinically proved to have the ingredients that fix various male sex-related problems.

It is designed by top professionals, the big name in the sex supplement world. It is designed in the USA meets and exceeds safety standards and regulations, and it does not have any side effects. You can read thousands of testimonies, the previous customer’s words that showcase its positive results in fixing the male infertility issue.


This product is made for every male who faces infertility issues and due to which facing problems having a baby. It gives you back to the control over your sexual activity and increases sperm count, sperm virility, sperm quality and increases libido. It stimulates healthier sperm for better chances of conceiving.

The product has helped thousands of women to conceive. This is a very very enthusiastic product for personal as well as professional reasons. It is made of all-natural ingredients that are why render natural and organic results. The ingredients accumulate in the male reproductive system and help the system to work on the cellular level to increase semen quantity and quality.

This excellent formula is made by the leader in the male sex supplement world; VigRX Plus. The value of this product is unimaginable, and we would strongly recommend using this product for those facing infertility issues.

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