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VigRX Oil is the best male enhancement oil available on the market around the world. It helps in fixing erections issues, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and other several sex-related issues. The oil offers almost instant results and within five minutes of direct application, you behold a sudden boost in your sex performance.


It can be an embarrassing moment when your partner wants to passionately indulge in intercourse but your penis refuses to show any sign of erection. Well, if you have crossed the 50s and entering in sweet 60s than it is nothing you should worry about. But for a young male, it is really frustrating to behold such events to happen. This can be due to stress, low testosterone levels, erectile dysfunction or any other sexual issue. In any of the above-mentioned scenarios, you can use VigRX Oil.

VigRX Oil is an all-natural ingredient composition that delivers the ingredients through the skin in the penis to act faster. That’s the reason maybe this oil is called ‘Topical Viagra’.

I am totally against using any artificially designed medicine to see an instant boost in sex performance. That sudden or instant boost costs in the form of dysfunction vital organs and their performance starts faltering. But the use of natural ingredient composed medicine is the best solution to get rid of any of such issues.

So, before making up your mind to buy VigRX Oil you have every right to learn about this product. In this guide, we are going to pen down information related to this oil so that you could get the right use of it without any ambiguity in mind.

vigrx oil

What Is VigRX Oil?

In simplest words “VigRX Oil is a topical male sexual performance enhancer that is designed to improve sexual life and confidence in sexual activity”. It is used to provide long-lasting erection, stronger erection and fix various sex-related issues including erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and less appetite in sex.

The product is used to increase blood flow towards the penis and even after the erection is achieved; it gives a little bit increase in size. You get to behold several inches enlargement due to that instant blood flow increasing towards the penis.

This product contains all-natural substances in its formation. The ingredients that take part in this oil formation include Epimedium leaf, Cuscuta seed, Ginkgo Biloba, Asian red ginseng, Muira Pauma, Catuaba Bark, and hawthorn berry.

Another great advantage of buying VigRX Oil is, the package also includes a supplement called Semenax to increase semen volume and increase fertility. The Semenax is a famous medicine in the world of male enhancement pills world that is widely used to produce a fountain of semen and prolonged and faster contraction.

Who Is This For?

VigRX Oil is for those who want instant results in their sex performance. Though many consider is a replica to Viagra my opinion is little on the other side. Yes, the results resemble Viagra as both are used to render immediate satisfactory results. The difference is that Viagra forms artificially. The famous male enhancement pills contain artificial ingredients to instantly boost sex performance, the same goes with VigRX Oil. But, in the case of VigRX Oil, no artificial product is taken to form it. The oil is found useful even with the patient suffering from erectile dysfunction. You get the immediate desired effect without resorting to prescribed medication.

Even if you do not have any sexual disease, you can still consume this product. It supports your body, offering better-increased erection and sexual function. With the help of this product, you keep yourself in tiptop shape (in terms of sex) and intercourse for you would no longer be an exercise where the only player is indulged willingly.

Who Is This Not For?

VigRX Oil is not recommended to use for the males suffering from Herpes Simplex Virus. The use of this oil can irritate the open pores and may damage the penis tissue. And if you are exposed to skin allergies, the use of this oil can trigger your allergy and lead to further problems.

And if you are on medication, you should consume this product only after consulting your medical doctor. Because using this oil can react to any drug you are using. So, if you are taking any medication or exposed to any severe diseases such as Blood pressure, Diabetes, Heart problems, lung issues, and others, must consult your doctor before using this oil.

How Does VigRX Oil Work?

The VigRX Oil increased blood flow towards penis genitals and boost your testosterone level. These two effects further lead to other effects such as increased sex appetite, better erectile functioning, more satisfying sex results, higher sensitivity and much more in the row.

Let’s explain how this product function and mills improving sex results for males.

Increased Blood Flow:

The oil contains ingredients that increase natural blood flow in the body. The ingredients specifically target blood flow towards the penis and due to the reason; you get better erection and intercourse results. It happens because of the response of blood vessels to nitric oxide increases.

This increase in sensitivity towards nitric oxide makes it a lot easier to achieve Vasodilation.

Vasodilation is the process where your body vessels relax to increase the amount of blood flow through a specific part or organ of the body.

Due to this reason, the body direct blood towards the penis and you get an erection.

Increase Testosterone Level:

VigRX Oil is also useful in increasing the testosterone level. You may know the function of Testosterone; if not then learn that behind our sexual appetite, this hormone is actually functioning. If you see a decrease of Testosterone level, not only your sex desires and sex appetite decrease drastically but others it affects other things as well. The decrease of this hormone results in baldness and other diseases.

The decrease in this hormone can be due to more than one reason. It could be stress, diet, exercise, age, and other health conditions.

VigRX Oil increased the testosterone level by providing our body necessary ingredients or building blocks to trigger for increasing the production of the hormone.

Keep in mind, the oil does not force your body to produce excess amounts of the hormone, unlike other products selling in the male enhancement supplement world.

So, the increase in the testosterone level will result in more sex appetite, fertility, sensitivity and you feel like being a young once again.

Transdermal application:

Now you might be wondering that the application of this oil might not be that effective compare to taking pills? Keep a note that, actually there is not much difference between the two. The latter is used to get instant results but those results are because the skin is absorbing that natural ingredient that is called Transdermal application. It is as effective as something taken orally, you can further have confirmation from your medical doctor or read about it on the internet as well.

Application through the skin is called transdermal application and it is highly effective in getting substances into your system.

Keep in mind, our skin is an organ itself. And it absorbs certain elements more effectively than your stomach. Tests and studies have confirmed that the application can also be as beneficial as oral taking.

VigRX Oil Ingredients:

The ingredients that form this product and make it unique are natural. The unique ration of ingredients is the reason this product is very beneficial and has no side effects. These ingredients are well known and share a history of being used in Chinese and Indian medicines. Because the production is all-natural you can use this even on a daily basis even when you are not having intercourse. Actually, this kind of usage could bring forth some long-lasting results and benefits.

Epimedium Leaf

The plant from which this leaf is derived is famously known with another name ‘Horny Goat weed’. You might have taken the idea of why the oil brings forth such amazing sexual results. The mixing of the leaf helps the product to help it to act the same as Viagra. The Epimedium Leaf promotes more blood towards the penis which causes smooth muscles to fill up and become part of erection.

The leaf is also boosted testosterone level which direct influences libido and sexual function.

Cuscuta Seed

The see is full of antioxidants and used for treating erectile dysfunction and make you last longer in the bed. If you are facing erectile dysfunction or erection problems, the oral consumption of the seed can bring fruitful results.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is used to increase the nitric oxide levels in our body. As the oil is directly applied to our penis, the result is higher blood flow to the erectile muscle.

The ingredient is also useful for opening plaque to build up in the penis vessels. It promised increased oxygen supply where applied that directs influences the better erection and muscle health.

Asian Red Ginseng

This natural ingredient is used for stress relief and anti-inflammatory protection and sexual stimulation. It increases nitric oxide levels in the body and decreases oxidative damage. The most important part of the oil also enhances your ability to cope with stress.

Muira Puama

The root shares a long history in Brazil for treating various sexual disorders and functions. The herb does this by increasing the body’s testosterone level which is you know a very important factor for healthy sexual intercourse.

It does this by making the sexual part more sensitive to touch. It also increases sensitivity heightened arousal with every touch and adds to overall satisfactory sex performance.

Catuaba Bark

The famous ingredient comes from Amazon and very famous due to its fruitful instant sex performance-boosting results. It is also helpful in treating ED and other sexual dysfunctionalities.

Hawthorn Berry

The rich in Flavonoids Hawthorn Berry can protect and reverse the damage of the cardiovascular system due to congestive heart failure, heart disease, angina pectoralis, lies, and abnormal heart issues.

Even if you are not exposed to any of such diseases, this plant compound is useful in preventing health concerns in the future. Other than the overall well-being, the plant is also useful in increasing blood flow towards the penis to boost your sex performance.

What Are The Side Effects Of VigRX Oil?

While penning down this guide, I come across many forums where people mentioned the high price of VigRX Oil. Yes, the price is too steep but you get what you pay for. Why you would get a cheap priced oil and cream to risk your life?

I do not think this is the area where a user should save up some bucks. You should pay a good price for buying something useful and beneficial not only to your overall wellbeing but sex performance.

So far there has not been found any side effect of VigRX Oil.

How is this possible? Can you have male sex supplements without any side effects?

Yes, it is possible when all the ingredients forming the product are natural. And this happens in the case of VigRX Oil, you can check by yourself, all the ingredients or substances that take part in the formation are all-natural.

These natural ingredients possess no threat to your life and help you have long-lasting and better sexual results.

You just give this product a try and it will prove its worth in front of you. You can use this without even your partner knows, it is completely safe to use with no side effects.

How To Use VigRX Oil?

If you want to behold long-lasting and continuous results, you should use the VigRX Oil whether you are having intercourse or not, once in a day or even twice.

You can use it before indulging in sexual activity. Apply the oil couple of minutes before having intercourse. It is important to remember that the oil will offer better and long-lasting results if it is absorbed by massaging. This is especially true for the head of the penis as the area is more sensitive and there are many nerves ending that take part in the sexual activity.

If you are using it for the first time and are confused about how to use it and what could be the results, we recommend applying it and test it by yourself while masturbating. You may feel some tingling during the first usage, but eventually, it goes away and after that, you get a pleasant satisfactory feeling.

Where To Buy VigRX Oil?

The product is not available on brick and mortar stores. You can get this product on your doorstep by placing an order online. And for the online shopping, it is recommended to use an official portal rather than some third party seller.

We are going to give you the official link; following the link you can place an order and get the product on board within a few days.

Yes, the official supplier also gives you a money-back guarantee. If you do not see any fruitful results or not satisfied with the performance, you can send the product back on the given address and get your money back in full.

VigRX Oil Pros And Cons:


  • Instant results
  • It helps you in getting stronger and long erections
  • It also boosts your appetite towards sex
  • Provides a heightened sense of pleasure
  • Increases sensitivity of the penis
  • There are no side effects of the product
  • It fixes various sex-related issues
  • Also helpful in increasing testosterone level


  • Available online
  • Expensive compare to its counterparts

Frequently Asked Question:

Does VigRX Oil really work as described?

Yes, it does work and offers satisfactory results almost instantly. The ingredients used in the formation of this product are proven effective in various aspects of sexual function. Studies back the claim of the manufactures that the oil is a nice replica of Viagra and other drugs.

Do I get permanent results after using it for 3-4 months?

If you are not exposed to any severe sexual dysfunction, yes you will get permanent results. But results vary from person to person due to more than one reason. Everyone has a different lifestyle, food, health condition, fitness level, and body composition. But, if you try to eat healthily, and are not exposed to any severe sexual illness you will get permanent results by consuming this product.

Are there any side effects of VigRX Oil?

If you do not have allergic skin or other skin issues, the product got no side effects. So, if you are on medication and skin allergic, you should not consume this product before consulting with your medical doctor.

How to use VigRX Oil?

The oil is applied directly to the penis skin. You can use it regularly even when you are not having intercourse. The ideal use of this product is before 10-15 minutes of getting indulge in sexual activity. You should apply the oil directly to the skin and massage a little to get fruitful and satisfactory results.

Final Thought:

VigRX Oil is designed and created for those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction and not enjoying the best thing in life; sex. It brings backs the enjoyment, increases sex appetite, boosts testosterone, and fix erections issues. The product is a nice replica for those who are unresponded towards Viagra and other pills and want to maintain a good erection. If you are having trouble with premature ejaculation or finding it hard to maintain a good erection, get this oil on board and you will witness an instant boost in your performance on bed.

The product is not designed and created to increase in size. The increase in size beheld at the time of intercourse is due to more blood flow towards penis and penile tissues.

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