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Volume Pills are used to increase semen volume as high as 500 times. These pills are helpful in producing silky semen, increasing sex-performance, providing long-lasting erection and help you deal with multiple sex dysfunctionalities. The pills are made of all-natural ingredients, thus no side effects at all, 100-percent safe.


Do you want to satisfy your partner in the bed but you fail to do so due to your age or some other Dysfunction issues?

Every man wants to satisfy their partner but some can’t do so due to poor erection and ejaculation.

Every woman would like to see their partner ejaculate a shower of semen. It is not a fancy thing for most men, but it is for women. Women associate loads of volume with male fertility and passion.

That’s true; less load of semen is connected to infertility and decreased attraction towards sex. If you think about it, women fall for those men which can easily prove their reproductive power. A high load of sperm leads to a more intense orgasm and more passionate in bed.

There are many enhancers in the market which focus on the semen quality and quantify such as volume pills.

Volume pills are used to enhance the load of semen, strengthen orgasm which leads to intense intercourse.

Volume Pills 1 Month Supply

When men hit 40’s they start noticing a change in their body that they do not like. Most of those changes can be taken care of with changes in diet and exercise but a decrease in sexual pleasure cannot. At that stage, you would require to have volume pills to have enhanced pleasure in bed.

If you are not aware of volume pills and need a detailed guide towards the topic. We are here to provide you an insight into what these pills are? Stick to the guide and read to the end.

What Are Volume Pills Exactly?

Volume pills are used to enhance sexual performance and libido without using any chemical or steroids. They are natural remedies and proved useful for male fertility and increased loads of semen. This formulation is made by an esteemed name in the health industry ‘Leading Edge Health’. The name of the producers is enough to sell these volume pills but the actual selling point of these pills is unmatched quality and herbal origin.

The volume pills target two categories of users; one which is desired to enhance their existing sexual capabilities and others which are witnessing a decrease in their sexual desire and needs a boost. The second category of users could be aged men or those which are facing some disease due to which their sexual desires are tanked.

These volume pills have been passing through hundreds of clinical tests and are proved useful and beneficial for all age men for a multitude of applications.

Some of the most prominent benefits of these semen volume pills are stated as.

  • An increase in the volume of semen
  • Hard and long erection
  • Penis tissues size changes due to high load of blood flow
  • Increased testosterone to enhance sexual desires
  • Enhanced control of semen

Is Volume Pills Safe To Use?

Volume pills are made of all-natural ingredients. Due to their natural origin, they are considered the best male enhancers. These are designed for those who want to see a boost in their sexual desire and reproductive system.

The volume pills are not like other supplements available in the market like Viagra, Vigrx Plus, and others. They stand out due to their all-natural ingredients which are an effective and reliable formula. These pills are reliable and help increase not only the volume of the semen but quality as well.

As per the doctor’s suggestions, for men desired to achieve a long-lasting erection, the volume pills can help them enhanced erection and creating the ultimate amount of semen.

Consistent and frequent use of these pills would not harm your body but will render quality semen production, enhance sexual desires and improve sexual performance and orgasms.

The 100-percent natural herbal composition can have mild and less likely side-effects. These are not associated as a supplement but natural products. After all, the consumption of a single orange can have some side effects. The consumption of volume pills in some cases can cause digestion issues, nausea, vomiting, and some others.

Most of the men taking these pills did not mention any adverse effects. Some mentioned that from day one to six months, they did not notice any adverse side effects what so ever.

How Long Do Volume Pills Take To Work?

Volumes pills target more than one process to achieve enhance libido and sexual desires. The main target of it is a reproductive system and by controlling it, the Semenax look-alike provides more loads of semen volume. The all-natural ingredients sharing pills enhance sperm development and better the reproductive system.

The volume of pills would not work overnight. You will start noticing a change within weeks; the sperm volume will gradually increase. You should not indulge in bed events within the first week of using it. Most of the men would require supplement over time and maintain their sexual performance. It is all about maintaining sexual performance and sperm volume you want.

The first target of this within the reproductive system is the increased production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide production improved and enhances blood flow towards the penis. The more blood flow towards the penis is directly proportional to stronger and long-lasting erections. It hits the penis tissue and provides harder erections that lead to improved sex performance.

The volume pills contain various ingredients and some of them stimulate testosterone in the body. This hormone controls the sexual desires, sexual performances, semen quantity, muscle mass, fat distribution and production of red blood cells. So, stimulation of testosterone boosts semen content and quality.

The overall result of consuming volume pills are increased sexual performance, improved semen quantity, stronger reaction, and intensified orgasms.

How Long Should One Take Volume Pills To See The Best Results?

Volume pills do not work overnight nor do they produce the best results within one week. You should not involve in bed events within one week of using it and the minimum timeframe to witness the best results are two weeks.

To get all the perks to involve with these pills you should at least use these pills continuously for two months. This is the minimum time span; you can carry on using them to get persistent results and a heavy load of sperms.

There is no duration or maximum timeframe of using these pills. Nothing mention about the same on the official website.

As these pills are 100-percent natural with mild to zero side effects you can use them as long as you wish. The constant presence of the herbs used in these pills would not harm your system. Use of these pills would be akin to using any of the natural herbs, like tea, eating apple or vegetables.

Volume Pills Ingredients:

Volume pills based on all-natural ingredients and work like wonder for men’s reproductive systems. Within days of using these pills, you would see improved results in sexual performance as well as semen loads.

These pills are famous due to their natural origin and results without any adverse side-effects. The most important ingredients these pills contain are as follows.

Volume Piils' 100% Natural, No Prescription!
Volume Pills’ 100% Natural, No Prescription!


Zinc is a natural ingredient and to maintain good health experts recommend using at least 12 mg daily. These pills contain double the recommended amount and more than what an average person would require to produce quality sperm. And due to this double intake of natural ingredients, users start producing double semen than usual.

Zinc is the most famous ingredient used against infertility. The deficit of Zin lowers the testosterone level and increased fats and decrease red-bled cells. So, along with producing amazing results for the reproductive system, the zinc is useful to make and look you healthy.

Emblica Officinalis

This ingredient is commonly found in vitamin C and other minerals well. The ingredient is also commonly known with the name Indian Gooseberry. This herb is commonly used by Indian pundits and sadhus and in local Indian medicines. This herb is also used in anti-cancer medicines and has some magical results on the human body. The herb has amazing results on the human reproductive system and leads to intense orgasms, improved semen quality and a huge load of semen.

Hong Hua Fen

 The ingredient is commonly used in male reproductive system medicines and has some magnificent results in an intense orgasm, sexual performance and improved semen quality. The main impact of using this herb is increasing sperm structure, mortality, and count. So, if you are facing a fertility issue, the use of Safflower can lead to magnificent results without any side effects.

Tian Men Dong

Tian men dong is extremely nutritious roots commonly found in Chinese Jungles. The ingredients are largely used in herbal medicines and have some magnificent impact on blood circulation problems. When used on a regular basis, these roots open and widen blood vessels and improve blood circulation throughout the body. By using these roots, the overall blood circulation is improved thus your penis has enhanced blood circulation resulting in long-lasting and harder erections.

Dong Chong Xia Cao

This ingredient is commonly found in India. This has been using in medicines for centuries and male enhancement medicines. The primary use of this herbal is dysfunction infertility, erectile issue, and other sexual related issues.

The herbal is used to improve overall sex quality and sex life. The people who take these ingredients other than the pills will also witness improvement in libido and sexual pleasure. But the package that comes in volume pills will have a safe amount of the Dong Chong Xia Cao that will not have any adverse side-effects on the human body.

San Guo Mu

This herb is mainly used for cardiovascular issues, chest problems, and other heart-related issues. This ingredient improved your blood pressure and heart-related issues. If you use this herbal on a regular basis you would witness a boost towards erection along with improved semen quality. The ingredient can also be used if a man is facing erectile dysfunction or other erection issues.

Other ingredients that are used in volume pills are as follows.

  • Fucus Vesiculosus
  • 4,5,7 Trihydroxy flavones and Emblica Officinalis
  • Solidilin

How To Use Volume Pills?

Volume pills are made of natural ingredients, the use of them would cause no harm to your body. The persistent use of these pills would display improved sexual desires, sexual performance, increased load of semen and enhance fertility.

The manufacturer advises taking two pills on a daily basis, preferably a few hours before bedroom affairs.

The manufactures recommend using two pills at least for two months to witness substantial results. The user should avoid bedroom affairs as long as the first week of using it.

The manufacturer’s states that

For best results, and to kick start your system, please avoid masturbation and any sexual activity for seven days

Who Should Use Volume Pills

The volume pills can be used by any male of age 18-plus. These pills target two types of categories of males. The first is, those who want to see a boost in their already existing sexual activities. They are doing good but wanting more regarding their sexual pleasures.

The other category is, those who are 40 plus and feeling fewer desires for sex or not enjoying it anymore. This can be due to decreased testosterone levels or some other diseases or age issues. Those people can use these pills as long as they want a load of semen, increased sexual performance, and semen count as well as quality.

In plain English, anyone can use them, except you are facing heart issues or blood pressure issues. They should consult their doctor before using them, as per the researches, these pills even have no adverse effect on people facing those diseases. Still, consulting your family doctor would be advised.

Where To Buy Volume Pills?

Volume pills are safe to use and are available to buy worldwide. You can buy these pills online; the official website provides you the best deals. You can have a 12-months’ supply of volume pills under $350 with free global shipping. The package also includes a bonus gift (Erection system membership, gift card and other).

The six months of volume pills supply can be taken under $250 with free global shipping and bonus gifts added.

The most popular, 3 months volume pills supply can be purchased from the official website under $160 with free global shipping.

If you just want to check whether these pills are beneficial for you, opting with a 2-months plan would be great. This 2-months plan will have a supply of 2-months volume pills under $110 with shipping charges extra.

The last deal, starter package comes in hands under $65 with 1-month volume pills supply and shipping charges extra.

Money-Back Guarantee

The manufacturers of the volume bills back its product and offer a 67-days money-back guarantee. If you think and find the products did not have any fruitful results on your system, you can send two empty boxes of volume pills on the given return address within 60-days. You will be returned full money, excluding shipping charges.

Unopened packages can also send and would be eligible for a refund.

Volume Pills Pros And Cons

I have mentioned it earlier in the above section that everything comes with positive and negative sides. As long as medicines, particularly mal enhancement products are regarded, their negative sides should be mentioned and beheld vividly. But, with these volume pills, the disadvantages are mild to zero, as they are built from natural ingredients. Their negative impacts would be as same as eating an orange or apple. If you are not facing any serious preconditions or too much sensitivity including high expectations and impatience problems, you would be and should be done just fine with the volume pills.

For a record, we are going to mention the pros and cons of the volume pills.


  • It enhances sexual performance
  • It increases semen volume up to 500 percent
  • The product is made of plant-based ingredients, 12-herbals included
  • This product is made in a GMP facility and meets international standards
  • Increase stamina and libido
  • No major side effects
  • Long-lasting erection
  • Increased blood flow towards the penis
  • High testosterone level
  • Enhanced fertility
  • The pills give intense orgasm
  • These pills increase sexual desires


  • Needs to take two pills and for months to get the best results
  • Expensive
  • When you stop eating, the results would disappear

Frequently Asked Questions

Do volume pills really work?

You should learn that these pills are used to increase the volume of semen as well as sex performance. If you are not facing any sexual disease, the use of these pills will really enhance your bedroom actions. The product mainly focuses on the production of semen; the integration of Zinc is doubled in one pill that is more than what an average human should consume.

The zinc is used to produce semen and when you consume as much as double the quantity, the semen quantity doubles. So, once you start using these pills the volume of semen you ejaculate will shoot up as much as 500-percent.

Are consuming volume pills safe?

Volume pills are an amazing product. The manufacturing of these pills happens with natural ingredients. So, the use of volume pills on a consistent basis would bring no harm to your system. If you are facing hearth issues, blood pressure, and other serious issues, you should consult your family doctor prior to consuming these. 

In general, these pills are safe and in some cases, they can bring vomiting, nausea, and digestion issue.

How many pills should you take?

As per the manufacturer’s recommendation an average user should take 2 pills daily before sex. You can split the dosage and can take one in the morning and one after dinner, 2-3 hours before bedtime actions. The manufactures also recommend consuming these pills as less as two months to witness improved results.

With this, you can enjoy more passionate intercourse, long erection, ejaculation lot of semen and intense orgasm.

How good are the Volume Pills? Are they as good as VigRX Plus and Semenax?

Volume Pills are really effective and famous owing to their improved erection and load of semen. The consistent use of these pills would improve your sex life. It has some unique and impressive features what their counterparts such as VigRX Plus and semen cannot have. Let’s check the most prominent benefits of these pills.

  • These pills improve the volume of semen as high as 500 times
  • They are famous owing to the production of quality semen
  • The pills provide long-lasting erection
  • Improved sex life
  • It helps to deal with various sex dysfunctionalities including erectile dysfunction.
  • They are completely safe to consume
  • Boost testosterone level


Low sperm count not only impacts your sex-life but also lead to infertility. You just are not producing enough amount of semen to get your partner pregnant.

Volume pills are an effective and reliable way to increase semen volume as well as increasing sex-performance.

But the effect is not instantaneous; you will have to consume these pills as long as two months to witness fruitful results. The result might show up within weeks but in most cases, two months is a minimum threshold.

When you ejaculate the second time, it is normal to have watery semen. But, the use of volume pills will drive you on the way, where you would be producing silky semen on the second time as well. You will notice that you have become more sensitive, even after wearing condoms where some of the sensations lost.

Let’s put the things into the right perspective, the primary focus and intent of these pills are to increase semen volume. If you are taking them for other things such as enlarging the penis, preventing premature ejaculation or treating dysfunctionalities, you will have to take other supplements or seek advice from your family doctor.

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